About Us


QikHotels, an offshoot of Asmoy Travels Pvt. Ltd., is one of India’s growing online booking brand, providing a choice of around 100,000 hotels across India. Based out of New Delhi, we are a diverse team of passionate entrepreneurs, dedicated to providing our users with their ideal hotel at low prices.


We aim at catering to our users’ needs of ideal accommodation at ‘low prices’. Why low prices?

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

We truly believe that everyone deserves to explore the splendor of India, visit new places, understand the culture, and break the monotony. And accommodation plays a key role during travels. The trip is spoiled if the travellers are not comfortably lodged within their budget. And this is where we come in. We arrange the best and suitable hotels for the curious backpackers, businessmen and tourists, at unbeatable prices. With lower rates of hotels, we endeavor to broaden tourism in India, better the opportunities of national integration and instigate and develop businesses.

Our Approach

Our team of driven entrepreneurs, with one vision and objective, come together to establish a hotel search, which is fast and unbiased, gathering information from a vast range of resources. With passionate technicians and travellers onboard, we have been successful in building a robust system and a trustworthy network of both independent hoteliers as well as prominent hotel chains throughout India.
Seeding the notion of better tourism in India, we are an evolving competitive brand in the online marketplace, with the goal of becoming the users’ first choice when it comes to booking hotels online.


 We aim to become your choice while booking hotels for your stay.  We are willing to build competitive advantages in all our services Through creativity and innovation.  We want to become champion in promoting Indian tourism and its culture.  We will work together as a great team with our other business partners to create and develop better experience for our customers.


At QikHotels we are aware our success is inseparably connected to the success in making our customers feel delighted and satisfy. And we always strive to work towards it. we know that this is just start of our journey and that we can’t accomplish all that is needed by ourselves. We need ongoing effort and strong association with our customers, hotels partners and other businesses. And we at QikHotels are always striving to work towards the same.